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Blue Ridge Safety Services is founded on simple, fundamental, principals:  

  • Provide trustworthy safety leadership 

  • Demonstrate uncompromising commitment to safety and health principles and practices

  • Be a fully engaged, active participant in all of our interactions 

  • Require individual accountability and ownership for safety

  • Engage in positive safety corrective behaviors from a place of education

  • Promote comprehensive, inclusive safety cultures in all workplaces

Kenneth E. Hulse
Founder and Principal

Kenny has amassed over 25 years of industry experience, training and facilitation in safety and security management, procedures, and personal protective equipment. As an experienced instructional designer, facilitator and instructor, Kenny has provided both senior executives and line staff with orientation, general awareness, and detailed instructional programs in multiple OSHA, health, safety, and equipment disciplines. 

Kenny has been conducting OSHA standards specific facility safety and health audits for over 18 years, and specializes in the construction (Kenny is also credentialed and has conducted audits extensively on USACE Facilities under the provisions EM 385-1-1), petroleum, steel, manufacturing, healthcare, water-treatment, packaging, and non-profit industries.  These audits address every facet of safety, health and security operations including record keeping, facility maintenance, training, and electrical safety areas benchmarking industry specific OSHA standards.

Kenny specializes in the development of OSHA required safety and health policies and procedures manuals – which are tailored to each unique facility and industry.  Kenny also works to develop core Safety Management Techniques, as needed, for the effective management of these policies and procedures manuals.

In addition to safety programming and training, Kenny spends a great deal of time researching safety equipment solutions for his end users. Aligned with the industry-leading manufacturers and PPE supplies, Kenny strives to present the most cost effective, streamlined, user-friendly solutions for all safety equipment and PPE needs. The "Right Tool for the Right Job" has been his motto for many many years, and he works tirelessly to educate and facilitate that belief.

Keith Grogan

Keith’s expansive career in Visual Communication has enabled him to develop a unique skillset, focusing on creating impactful visual concepts and communicating ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate target audiences.


With a keen eye for color, aesthetics and details, Keith’s career has enabled him to create and develop overall layout and production design for advertisements, brochures, global magazine publications, as well as non-profit marketing pieces, event programs and event multi-media graphic presentations. Additionally, Keith has had considerable work experience in photo-editing and manipulation.

Keith has worked extensively with creating and developing company logos and branding campaigns. From corporate marketing brochures, to individual product campaigns, Keith utilizes his acute vision, creativity and flexibility to collaborate with clients on designs based on specific requirements, modifications and feedback.

Keith has extensive expertise in graphics software, including, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint. 

Blue Ridge Safety Services has worked diligently to develop a dynamic relationship with a local print shop, creating a specialized alliance with their team for cost-effective, successful execution and timely completion of our deliverables, especially in cases of complex projects.

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